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Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Healthcare Radiation Protection & Medical Physics Services

Expert Guidance

Whether you are a small healthcare provider with a single x-ray unit or a large, fully equipped hospital, we can provide the services you need.  We can assist you with statutory requirements such as the engagement of a  Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA), a Medical Physics Expert (MPE), Radioactive Waste Advisor (RWA) and a Laser Protection Advisor (LPA) where necessary.
Our company is capable of providing you with comprehensive services in both ionising and non-ionising radiation physics including ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Our team is fully trained and possesses the appropriate knowledge and experience to bring high standards of quality assurance to these areas.

In a sector where legislative compliance is essential, we provide clear advice about both existing and impending legislation so that clients can make informed decisions about current procedure and future policy.

We also offer dedicated RPS & IR(ME)R training course, both face to face and online.
We run dedicated Dental RPS/IR(ME)R courses with our partners at Imaging Innovated.

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